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About Fever clinic

We have a system in place to provide medical care and conduct examinations for COVID19 infections in patients with fever “regardless of whether or not they have been seen in the hospital before”. At the same time, flu antigen testing and, for those under 15 years of age, testing for A-beta streptococcal infection can also be performed.
Please make a reservation by phone or on our website first. Fever clinic is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays (Thursday, only morning examinations are available).
In order to prevent infection and ensure the safety of other patients, please use the fever clinic if you have symptoms such as fever.

Outpatient fever at our clinic

  • “Drive-through” system has been introduced, which allows patients to be examined and diagnosed while waiting in the car (If you are not coming to the clinic by car, please let us know ).
  • Our outpatient fever clinic is open on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Thursday, only morning examinations are available).
  • Results of viral tests will be provided in about 10 minutes, which can reduce congestion in the clinic and shorten waiting times.
  • The pharmacy is adjacent to the clinic, so medication can be received while waiting in the car.
Tests performed at fever clinics
  • Influenza antigen test
  • Coronavirus PCR test (NEAR method)
  • A Beta Streptococcus PCR test (Patients under 15 years old)

How to use Fever Clinic


Please contact us before your visit

If you have any of the following symptoms, please call or make an appointment on the web before visiting the clinic. Please be sure to make an appointment to avoid congestion and shorten waiting time.

  • Fever (37.5°C or higher)
  • The following symptoms are present even in the absence of fever
  • Severe cough, fatigue, difficulty breathing
  • Abnormality or discomfort in taste or smell


Coming to the clinic

At the time of your appointment, please wait in the parking lot right next to the clinic.



Please call us again after arriving at the clinic, and our staff will visit you to collect the sample. Please wait in the car. We will take a snot sample from your nose.


Diagnosis & payment

The results will be available in about 10 minutes. Please wait in the car and we will explain the results to you.
A pharmacy is located right next to the clinic, so medication can be picked up in the car.
To prevent infection, please pay in the car.

Request to Patients

Please disinfect your hands with alcohol when visiting the clinic

Rubbing alcohol is available at the entrance of the clinic. To prevent nosocomial infections, please disinfect your hands when visiting the clinic.

Please wear a mask in the clinic

Please wear a mask in the clinic and refrain from loud conversations in the waiting room. If you have forgotten your mask, please ask the receptionist for a spare one.

※ If you have difficulty wearing a mask, please do not hesitate to ask.